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Relax & Renew
(signature facial)



This facial is my staple service! Tailored to your skin and stress needs but with an emphasis on relaxation and touch therapy. This is the facial you want to provide that much-needed self-care! My favorite part is the facial massage which leads perfectly into a scalp massage if added on.

Reset & Jet



Express facial to address top skin concerns in a convenient amount of time.

Young & Youthful
        (for teens)

30 min


I have a heart for our youth. Bring your teen in if they need help, or just a place to start with skin care education. If they won't listen to you about skin care, maybe they will listen to me ;)

Extractions $10



  • Scalp Massage - 10 min

  • Infrared Light Therapy w/ LED Red, Blue, and/or Yellow Light 

  • Facial Cupping

  • Hand Scrub with hot towels

  • Extractions (steam w/ enzyme exfoliation to soften the pores and remove congestion

Graceful Age Fighter

70 min


A custom facial with targeted mask, LED Red Light + Infrared and Facial Cupping. Stimulate collagen production, Increase oxygen rich blood flow & improve lymphatic drainage, Decrease puffiness and reduce fine lines & wrinkles, Reduce inflammation and improve skin tone. Plus facial massage!

Facial Cupping

25 min

  • Great for Acne Scars

  • Also pairs great with Blue & Red Light

  • Packages Available

A Natural Alternative to Waxing

  • One of the gentlest forms of hair removal containing only 3 ingredients - lemon, water and sugar

  • High concentrations of sugar inhibit bacterial growth

  • Those sensitive to waxing or prone to ingrown hairs could benefit by switching to sugaring

Sugaring Hair Removal

Body Sugaring

Legs - Half or Full

From ankles to top of knees


ankles to top of thighs

$55 - $95

Body Sugaring

Arms - Half or Full

From wrists to elbows


wrists to top of arms

$45 - $70

Body Sugaring


Underarms Sugaring


Facial Sugaring

1 Area

Choose from

Upper Lip

Eyebrows or Chin


Facial Sugaring

2 Areas

Choose from

Upper Lip

Eyebrows or Chin


Facial Sugaring

3 Areas

Choose from

Upper Lip

Eyebrows or Chin


Facial Sugaring

Full Face

From Top of the forehead to below the chin

Pairs great with...

  • LED Blue Light Therapy to kill bacteria after removing hair from the follicle

  • Facial Cupping to stimulate oxygen-rich blood flow


Cellulite Cupping

 Cupping is one of the few therapies that can achieve real, visible results in reducing cellulite.  


This treatment will only work if it is practiced consistently. It is time-consuming and will strengthen your hands and fingers! However, it works And the results are worth the investment! 

Each package comes with your own mini cellulite cup for at-home sessions.

Single Session - 20 min
  • Choose from front or back of thighs or back of upper arms to work on

Package 1
  • 6 sessions, 20 minutes each ($42 each)

Package 2
  • 12 sessions, 20 minutes each ($35 each)

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